Person Tries to Use HTML

After some time learning Tyler tried to use HTML in a project. He is still getting the hang of it but, has got enough experience to create this. It may not be much now but, think of what will be next.

HTML is a code used for making websites. With this you could make almost anything you want online. From news articles to an entire web page made for memes. Who knows what Tyler would do next.

Steak n Shake opening in Fruitport MI

The popular restaurant Steak n Shake is in the progress of being built on Sternburg Rd. This will still take some time, but after that you won't have to drive such a long way to eat there. After it's built you could just ride your bike.

Steak n Shake as on Wikipedia is an American casual restaurant chain concentrated primarily in the Midwestern United States. This is a good place to hang out, get a good shake, or just have dinner. It is exciting that it is coming to Fruitport and it will be enjoyed.

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